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Workplace Undercover: Suffer in silence or speak up?

Preface:  Workplace Undercover will be a recurring segment of this blog, featuring a workplace scenario and a response by a guest consultant.  The scenario below was written by Eillen Bui, our research associate.  Mary Harlan of Harlan Consulting is guest consultant for this scenario.


The scenario: Carina was recently promoted from Operator Technician to Engineer after working at TLC Co. for 15 years. To Carina, this promotion was bittersweet. She knew that she deserved this position, but felt it should have happened long ago. She was already doing everything the Engineer’s job description entailed years ago and was very experienced. The only thing was that she never earned a degree in engineering; everything she knew, she learned from working at the company.

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Seeking Words of Encouragement in the Workplace

Seeking love and supportive feedback in all the wrong places

The young woman’s eyes filled with tears.  “Neither of my parents really cares about what I do or think.  I’m not even sure they love me.  Maybe they didn’t even want me.  It hurts me in my stomach to think about it.”

The conversation above is nearly true. (I changed a few details to protect my friend’s privacy.)

Not feeling cared for or recognized in the way we expect can hurt for sure. I know. For a good part of my childhood and young adulthood, I was convinced my parents didn’t love me.

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Discover Your Personal Organizational Style

Preface: I was delighted to discover this summary of one of my all-time favorite books on organization and time management. It was written by Natalie Houston and is reprinted here with permission of ProfHacker.  In the article below, Natalie tells of her experiences with the book.  In a future blog post, I will tell you how I use this information. 


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