I am honored that Jean Latting’s Blog has been recognized by Alltop as a top website! The blog is featured in the Leadership category.

This is exciting because it means that we will become more widely known and information about how to lead consciously will reach more people. We will also be in company — the leadership blogs that we have joined there are amazing!

For those of you who don’t know about Alltop, it’s a wonderful website that takes the headlines of the best websites and categorizes them so that readers can easily find information about the topics they are looking for. It’s more like an encyclopedia of current information than a search engine. You can find information in almsot any category you want.

If you check out the Alltop website — and I hope you will — pleae let me know about other interesting blogs or articles that are relevant to leading consciously. For that matter, please let me know about relevant articles and blogs that interest you from anywhere. That way, I may be able to repost the information here for others to see.

Look at the bottom of this page and you will see our badge of recognition. It says “All the top stories” and “Featured in Alltop”.

So exciting!

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