About a month ago, I took the Silva workshop on intuition which I had been wanting to do for years.

The workshop was excellent, but that’s not what I am writing about now.

It was a small group, so at the end of the workshop, the trainer asked each us to say something about ourselves.  When it was my turn, I said that my book had just been published and my coauthor and I were developing our website and figuring out how we would spread our message about how to lead consciously and reframing change.  My next task, I said, was to learn more about social media marketing.

Virtually the next person to speak was a woman named Aleksandra Harper.  She said that her expertise was in social media and she was writing a book on the subject because most people did not know how to do it effectively.

We stared at each in amazement because she provided the very service I was looking for.To cap it off, we met at a workshop on intuition.  Talk about serendipity!

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