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Have you:

  • read the book, Reframing Change?
  • attended one of our training sessions or classes?
  • taken one of the Leading Consciously Assessment Tools?
  • been able to use the concepts and skills to deal with workplace dilemmas you have faced?

If you have a story to tell about application of the concepts and skills, go to Share Your Story and tell us about it. We’d love to share it with others.

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Interested in writing for the blog?


Are you interested in writing to make a difference in peoples’ work, personal, and community life?  You can contribute to the Leading Consciously community by sharing your experiences in the workplace.

We welcome any kind of contribution you can make to the Leading Consciously blog. There are several options to contribute.  You can:

  • create a scenario,
  • respond to a scenario  (if you have consulting or management experience),
  • write an original article, or
  • summarize an article or website.

What’s in it for you?


This is a way for you to contribute to people internationally and nationally who find our website and are interested in learning to lead consciously.  We have been fascinated with the reach of our website and the potential impact it could have.  People from over a dozen counties and from all over the United States have visited our website.

If you so choose, your profile will include your contact information or a link to your website.

General Guidelines


  • Keep it short and easy to read
    • Plan for no more than 1000 words, preferably less.  If you go over, divide it into sections so that it may be posted as a series.
    • Use short sentences and short paragraphs. Most word processing programs have a “readability index”.  Check it out to see how your submission is evaluated.
    • Use active tense vs. passive tense. (“She threw the ball” vs. “the ball was thrown by her”)
  • Keep it relevant
    • Make your entry relevant to Leading Consciously.  The best way to ensure this is to refer to concepts in Reframing Change.  You may reference a specific chapter in the book or concepts listed on this website.
  • Be yourself.
    • Speak from your heart, not just your mind.   If you are writing an article, tell a story to help readers experience what you are saying.
    • Please use your real identity and email address so we can email you for further information.  Although you must register using your real contact information, we strongly encourage that you NOT use names in your article or story.  Instead, identify other people with a pseudonym or initials.
  • Respect intellectual property.
    • If you quote or cite anyone else’s work, be sure and reference where you got it.  Intellectual property is the creation of intangible property such as images, inventions, symbols, artistic works, etc. If the creator of said content does not specify or is unclear of their intent of others utilizing their property, please assume that all copyright and intellectual property rights still belong to the creator. Permission is required from owner prior to using intellectual property unless it specified as public domain.
  • Include everyone.
    • Please refrain from using slang or language which the general public would have difficulty following.
  • No solicitation.
    • Do not solicit members or subscribers of the Leading Consciously blog for commercial purposes through private messages or discussions.



If you are creating a scenario or writing an original article:

  • Please email us your contribution at noreply@leadingconsciously.com with the subject header:  POST SUBMISSION
  • We prefer that you submit it using Microsoft Word so that we may easily edit it or suggest changes to you.

What to Expect


  • Your post will be read in several venues — this website, Facebook, Linked-in, and Bestthinking.com.  What a wonderful way to contribute to increasing others’ ability to Lead Consciously!
  • Especially if you are a new author, expect us to ask you to make changes in your first (or second or third) draft.  Be prepared to stick with us through this process.
  • Once your entry has been accepted, we will ask for a short bio to include at the bottom of your post.  This should be no more than two sentences.  Refer to other posts on the website for examples.


Thank you for contributing to Leading Consciously!



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