Welcome to my blog

For the last two or three years, passages of text have floated into my head, virtually begging to be written. I ignored them because I was deep into finishing up Reframing Change. When the book was actually published, the passages began coming more frequently. I knew that a blog was in my future.

One day, I woke up and it was a done deal. Jean Ramsey, Stephanie Foy, and the others at Leading Consciously enthusiastically endorsed the idea. So here I am and here you are reading this.

What might you expect?

I am endlessly fascinated with questions about what makes us tick as human beings. Even the most mundane of incidents or interactions has me pondering these questions:

  • What is happening?
  • Why is it happening this way?
  • What does it mean?
  • What can be learned from it?

In one form or another, this blog will explore the answers to these questions and especially the last one. As my sister, Judy, used to say, “Give me the formula!” I, too, like knowing formulas for success and most importantly, why they work.

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