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“Should managers and leaders be aloof and dispassionate, with emotions kept clear of decision-making? Hardly.

“A considerable amount of verifiable research shows that the most effective leadership comes from listening to your emotions, expanding your cultural awareness, and working more positively and collaboratively.

“But how do you turn those goals into working plans and real results?

Reframing Change: How to Deal with Workplace Dynamics, Influence Others, and Bring People Together to Initiate Positive Change is based on the premise that if people act with integrity and learn to develop positive workplace relationships, a ripple effect can engender similar changes in an organization as a whole….

“You have the power to consciously choose actions that will make a profound difference in your professional and personal lives and for the organization for which you work. This book will show you how it’s done.”


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  • Of extraordinary value to leaders, middle managers, and management students.
  • Fresh and practical how-to manual for putting new ways of thinking to work in an organizational setting.
  • Organized around a series of essential skills – how to:

– Test assumptions about others,

– Clear negative emotions and augment positive ones,

– Build effective relationships,

– Bridge cultural differences with people,

– Deal with difficult situations, and

– Initiate change in work environments.

  • Demonstrates how acting with integrity and learning to develop positive workplace relationships can engender a ripple effect of similar changes in the organization as a whole.
  • Backs its advice with results from a rapidly growing body of rigorous social science research.
    • Drives home advice with stories of real people in real situations that explain key underlying principles.




  • Case-study-like story lines provide a framework for each chapter.
  • Textboxes offer summaries of supporting research findings.
  • Endnotes give full citations.
  • Comprehensive index makes it easy to find information to solve particular workplace problems.


Development of Reframing Change has been generously supported by Maconda O’Connor, PhD, LMSW-ACP, a Houston-based philanthropist. The authors are exceedingly grateful to her for recognizing the potential value of this work and for her steadfast commitment to leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Preview Chapter 1

Matt’s Story: An Introduction to Conscious Change

The static was so loud during the call that I often asked him to repeat his words. Matt explained that he was caught in an airport on his way home from a conference and wanted to know if I had time to talk. The unanticipated delay had given him uninterrupted time to focus on a problem he had been worrying about for some time. He had decided to call me because he could see connections between his current dilemma at work and what he had learned in my class on organizational learning and change he had taken a year ago.

“I remember some of what we learned,” he said, “and I’ve applied some of the ideas, but it hasn’t been enough. I thought maybe you’d be able to help me figure out what else to try.”

“You’ve been at your job nearly six months now, haven’t you?” I asked, wanting to get a mental picture of his work situation. I knew the organization was relatively small, and remembered his excitement when he had taken the job: “It’s my dream job, Jean,” he had proclaimed proudly at the time.

“Six months and two promotions,” he said now. “During this time, several managers in our area have left. People keep leaving, and I keep getting promoted.”

I waited, knowing he had more to say.

He continued. “The problem is that my director is such an unethical person. She’s so manipulative. You wouldn’t believe the things she’s done.” He paused.

Knowing this would be a lengthy call, I put my feet up on the desk….

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