The authors of Reframing Change have both had extensive careers as scholars.

Jean Kantambu Latting, DrPH, LMSW-IPR

Now President of Leading Consciously and Professor Emeritus of Leadership and Change in the Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston in Houston, TX, Jean has published journal articles on workplace dynamics, cultural competence, and promoting change.

She has conducted numerous climate surveys and focus groups to help organizations determine areas of strengths and needed improvements and has been the principal investigator of major research grants from the National Science Foundation, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the Brown Foundation. Current research is funded by Maconda O’Connor for evaluation research of the American Leadership Forum-Houston. For more information about her career in macro social work practice, click here.

V. Jean Ramsey, PhD

Now retired as a professor of business management from Texas Southern University in Houston, TX, Jean has published two previous books: Teaching Diversity with Joan V. Gallos (Jossey Bass) and Preparing Professional Women for the Future (The University of Michigan Graduate School of Business).

Jean has published numerous articles on teaching and diversity. Two of her academic articles (“Beyond self-directed learning: A partnership model of teaching and learning” in the Journal of Management Education and “Bringing women’s voice to research on women in management: A feminist perspective” in the Journal of Management Inquiry) are among the top ten most cited articles according to Sage Journals Online.

Publications Related to Leading Consciously

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