Reframing Change:  How to Deal with Workplace Dynamics, Influence Others, and Bring People Together to Initiate Positive Change


Praeger Publishers
ISBN: 0-313-38124-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-313-38124-9


Acknowledgments ix
1 Matt’s Story: An Introduction to Conscious Change 1
Plan of the Book 4
Why this Book? 8
2 Testing Assumptions 13
Mental Models: Short-cuts to Perception 13
Being in the Answer 17
Making Up Stories 21
Being in the Question 22
Choosing to Test Assumptions 28
Retraining Neural Pathways 31
Building Positive Emotions 33
3 Clearing Emotions 37
Emotions and Feelings 39
The Emotionally Flooded Manager 43
The Myth of Suppressed Emotions 48
Preventing Self-fulfilling Prophecies 51
Clearing Emotions: The Process 53
What Results Can You Expect? 60
Other Sources of Help 62
Building Positive Emotions 63
4 Building Effective Relationships 69
Powerful Listening 70
Inquiry 72
Openness 75
Giving Feedback 77
Receiving Feedback 94
Seeking Feedback 94
What If the Other Person Really Is the Problem? 96
5 Bridging Differences 99
Dominants and Nondominants 104
Dominance Dynamics 108
Dominants’ Blind Spots 110
Acute Awareness of Nondominant Status 117
Dominance Dynamics at the Organizational Level 124
From Guilt to Learning and Contribution 126
Bridging Differences: Antidotes to Dominance
6 Conscious Use of Self 141
Get Your Emotional Attachments Out of the Way 143
Accept Responsibility for Your Own Contribution 146
Maintain Integrity 148
Focus on the Other Person’s Strengths 152
Adopt a Learning Orientation 153
Seek to Understand Others’ Perspectives 155
Recognize Your Own Power and Use It Responsibly 156
7 Initiating Workplace Change 161
Steps for Initiating Change 164
Moving Forward: A Sequence of Small Wins 180
8 Matt’s Story Redux 185
Focusing on Strengths 189
Building Relationships and Bridging Differences 192
Seeing Situational Factors, Not Just Individuals 196
Clearing Emotions 199
Changing Workplace Dynamics and Relationships
Through Changing Oneself
Allowing the Unexpected to Emerge 208
Conclusion: Sustaining Hope 210
Appendix: Principles for Conscious Change 213
Index 215


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