Why Work with Leading Consciously?

We provide consulting, coaching, and research services to help you achieve your goals and influence your organization in a positive direction.

Our services are customer-driven and tailored to fit the needs of yourself, your team, and your organization.

We provide:

  • Consultation and Training. We help you and members of your team pinpoint what is working, what might be improved, and how to get there.  Our highly interactive group processes provide specific, targeted skill building to further develop your capacity for conscious leadership and attain your desired outcomes.


  • Mary Harlan & Jean Ramsey, 2009

    Leadership Coaching. You as a leader or aspiring leader will receive individual support to increase your skills and capacities for conscious leadership and to further your goals and aspirations.


  • Leadership Assessment Tools. Our research-based assessment tools help you target existing strengths and growth areas for conscious leadership.  For more information on the Leading Consciously Assessment Tools, visit this page.

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