What We Help You Do

To support your development, our services focus on the six skillsets for Leading Consciously.  We help people such as

Examine your thought processes and expand beyond assumptions that worked in the past, but may not work as well in your future.

Learn techniques for managing your emotions, so you may be guided by your values and not your in-the-moment hot buttons.

Learn more effective approaches for building relationships, including skills of inquiry, openness, and feedback.

Increase comfort level with differences, and learn how to talk about those differences without stirring up resentment or backlash.

Increase your skills in consciously using yourself in difficult situations.

Improve your skills in initiating change in your workplace or community toward your desired outcomes.

As you practice these skills and develop self-leadership, you will find yourself better able to use your thoughts, emotions, and actions to influence others and promote positive change.

“Learning about conflict resolution, testing assumptions, and other topics really prepared me for my current leadership position…I feel more confident in my abilities as a leader as a direct result of the class.”

Lori Godwin, Program Director
American Humanics Program at University of Houston


How We Help

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We believe people want to:

  • Express the best of who they are
  • Engage in meaningful work
  • Focus on what is most important to them
  • Connect with others in caring, respectful relationships

Here’s what to expect when working with us:

  • Commitment to your success and well-being. Your success is our success.  We are here to help you achieve your goals with integrity.
  • Strength-focused solutions. We provide you with a practical guide of useful tools to identify and leverage your and others’ strengths to remove barriers and enrich your personal and work life.
  • Collaborative relationship. We know what has worked in other settings and what rigorous research indicates should work.  You know what would actually work in your setting and what you are or are not comfortable doing. Together, we explore solutions that work for you.
  • In the question. We encourage you to “be in the question, rather than the answer” by helping you identify your underlying assumptions.  Maybe the answer you believe in is only part of the picture.  Going into the question opens minds and creates a space for new discoveries.
  • Straight talk. You will get our honest suggestions and reactions. We help you identify new opportunities to catapult yourself to the next level.

What Results Can You Expect?

Through our “whole person” approach, individuals and groups report have been able to:

  • Use their strengths to address areas in which they wish to grow
  • Recognize and test negative assumptions about others
  • Clear negative emotions and amplify positive emotions
  • Balance accountability with mutual support
  • Reconcile cultural and work style differences and create a common purpose within the group
  • Maintain integrity and use power responsibly
  • Foster desired changes within their sphere of influence

Through our “whole systems” approach, organizations have been able to:

  • Align the mission and vision across all levels of the organization
  • Streamline work processes and procedures
  • Increase individual and peer accountability
  • Clarify roles and expectations of their employees
  • Increase productivity and problem solving skills
  • Develop inclusive work environments where individuals and groups benefit from their diversity and successfully manage their tensions


Who Are We?

The principals and associates of Leading Consciously have a wealth of practical experience in nonprofit, government, and corporate arenas.

We are also researchers, drawing from a wide net of disciplines such as management, social work, public health, organizational behavior, positive psychology, sports psychology, education, and other disciplines.

We use our practical experience and behavioral science research to help people at all levels of the organization maximize their strengths and improve their lives and organizations.

“In the one year that our organization has contracted with Leading Consciously, we have seen an increase in group cohesion, greater utilization of each other’s strengths, greater support and accountability of one another, as well as improved morale.”

Stephen L. Williams, Director
City of Houston Health and Human Services Department

To view our list of consultants and trainers, visit Community.

How to Contact Us

Interested in working with us?  E-mail us at outreach@leadingconsciously.com to schedule a free initial half-hour coaching session or to discuss how we may serve your organization.  Or, click here to learn more.

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